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One of the most positive signs in the zodiac is Sagittarius. The energy of Sagittarius is expressed in a fiery expansive positive manner. You can find this energy in comedians. Law and order generally are associated with the scales of justice sign of Libra. At the core of law and order is “supposed” to be the truth which would be Sagittarius (Jupiter). There is a grand trine in fire between the Moon, The Sun, and Mars opening up the blazing optimistic enterprising gates to the universe. The Moon is in Leo which rules the heart chakra, the expression of pure love energy. Leo the imaginative passionate enchanting energy combined with the Sun and Mars gives you the feeling that you can conquer the world. Although you may feel like this, to get there you must take the first Sagittarian step. Before you step out there on faith, you need to be truthful, honest, 100 with yourself. “That’s no cap” as the youth says. You can get on social media creating false illusions of a spectacular life you are living. There is a big difference between illusions and a life of living truth.



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