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New Year's Eve

We made it to the end of 2020. Many will rush to put a name or label on what this year actually was but to really know it may take a few years for everything to shake out. It’s interesting to me that we are ending the year with leftover residue from the Cancer Full Moon signaling something needs to be ended, adjusted, or has come to completion in a cycle. Later this evening as everyone gets worked up into celebration mode, the Moon will have slipped into the fun loving life of the party Leo. Good times are ready to be had tonight. As everyone begins making plans to start their new year’s resolutions, it’s intriguing to me that the planet of values and security is conjunct the South Node of things we need to let go or walk away from. For new year’s resolutions to last longer than two months, there are beliefs (Sagittarius) that you hold onto about your current values system that you need to let go of because it’s blocking your soul growth. You must seek out information (Gemini) that will stretch your mindset, pushing you to take on a new exciting journey. The stellium in Capricorn with the Sun, Moon, and Pluto implores you to reexamine the structure system in which you were indoctrinated into, Pluto says it’s time for a makeover. It is possible to totally develop a new system that is more aligned with you while still showing and having respect for the authority that gave it to you. For those who are not actively doing the work no problem, The Moon is square Mars while Mars is at the critical last degrees of Aries. You can run but you can’t hide from Mars. What you do not actively decide to stop emotionally hoarding, Mars will cut it away from you to show you how much you really need it. Truth be told that is the painful route of getting to the same place. The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius was to set the stage for you to find your personal freedom by knowing and embracing your authentic self. To do that you must first love the unique being that you are. To do that you must first KNOW THYSELF! Happy New Year from I Am Astrology Readings.



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