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New Moon In Aquarius

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

We come to the end of January. One month down with 11 more to go. Can you believe it? On Saturday the 29th Venus came out of retrograde stationing direct at 11° Capricorn. This has been one hell of a Venus retrograde season for most of us. For 40 days and 40 nights what we love, how we love, who we love currently and loved in the past as well as your values and self-esteem all have been up for review. The Pluto aspect brought unconscious skeletons out of our closets reminding us that these issues are still unresolved. The Heavens are extremely lopsided with large concentrations of energy residing in 2 signs. We have a stellium in Capricorn consisting of Pluto, Mars, Venus, and a retrograding Mercury. Mercury, Venus and Mars will make one more pass over the planet of death of regeneration Pluto before leaving Capricorn. Hopefully you have brought structure and decided on a mountain to climb in your Capricorn Area.

We also have a stellium in Aquarius with the 2 luminaries the Sun and Moon with the ruler of Aquarius father time Saturn. Be mindful of sudden moves, changing modes, and inconsistent behavior while the Moon is square the planet of shock and awe Uranus. The first New Moon of the year is at 12° of Aquarius tonight for some, just after midnight for others. The Sabian symbol for that degree speaks “On a vast staircase, people of different types graduated upwards. We go through life having many encounters and relationships pushing us to evolve. We do need others to play this game we call life.

As you set your new intentions, keep in mind the energy of the 6 swords. Moving out of stormy waters into calmer waters. Experiences become part of us. We take them with us as tools in our utility belt to use in our future experiences. We can find harmony when stressed. The energy of the Magician is fused into this new moon. It's reminding us that you have the skill and ability to handle any task with success. Just to know is not the end all be all. It takes concentration and will power to fine tune and apply these abilities. Mercury is still in retrograde, think back to all the people you walked by on your stairway to heaven.



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