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Nailed It

A man was walking down the street and came upon a guy sitting on the porch with his dog. He noticed the dog was making yelping sounds as in pain. “Mr. What is wrong with your dog?” The man replied, “he is laying on a nail.” This seemed odd, the dog was hurting so he asked, “ Mr. why don’t you help him?” The man said “ I figured when the pain gets too much for him to bear, he will get off the nail himself.” A square aspect in astrology is like laying on a nail. My question to you, “ How much pain can you take before you stand up?” The Moon (emotions) is in relationship balancing Libra while squaring the Sun (ego) and Mercury (thoughts) in emotional Cancer. We’ve been stuck in the house for months, relationships at home with family and close ones can be getting a little testy. Some things need working out. This is creating a T-Square in cardinal (active) signs. Just imagine a huge triangle in the sky. Then find the escape hatch. It’s time to get busy: start new projects, start working, start doing something, anything. I really don’t give a damn what it is, like Nike, “Just Do IT!”



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