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We have reached the New Moon in Virgo, the sign of purity.  For something to be pure it needs to be clean.  The New Moon is intention setting time.  I'm asking you to set the intention to level up six months from now.  For this to happen, Virgo is asking you to purge.  This New Moon is squaring the nodes.  It means in order to level up you’re going to have to let go of the past.  The South Node in Sagittarius points to things you have learned over the years, beliefs you have, and belief systems you belong to that are out of date.  Way past due for an upgrade.  Mercury in Libra squaring the log jam in Capricorn says there is a way to show respect for the past as we forge ahead on a new mental pathway.  Mutable means changeable which includes Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces, where all of this is taking place.  You need fixed signs for stabilization; you need mutability for change.  You have to come off of one to do the other.  Standing still is fixed.  Actually, walking is cardinal.  The energy it takes to go from standing still to actual movement is mutable.  Today set the intention of embracing mutable change!



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Sylvester Hutchins
Sylvester Hutchins
Sep 17, 2020

I was feeling this way before I read this 😃 confirmation

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