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The Moon moves into Gemini a little after your day gets started.  Gemini (the twins) is the ruler of communication of all forms.  Funny thing about Gemini Moons, all though they love communication, they have a hard time speaking openly about deep seated feelings.  Being an air sign, there is a tendency to intellectualize their emotional responses, which creates a disconnect.  During this time, you could find it hard to define how you are feeling.  Venus aspecting Chiron (The wounded healer) sets up a healing opportunity with a money situation or someone whom you may have had a clash with personally.  The Sun Mars trine asks, "Who will be the bigger person in the situation?"  The easiest way to change the situation is to turn and face it head on.  Gemini energy is a curious sign.  It's the type that not only wants to know what is behind door #1 but also #2, #3, and #4.  One problem with Gemini energy is if told you only can choose one door to look behind, it will have a hard time making that choice.  Not all meaningful conversations are deep conversations.  The real meaning is in the connection.



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