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Most people, when talking about Cancer,  speak in terms of home, family, and roots.  I place the emotional body in this sign as well.  Mind Body Soul is real.  Some of the imbalance you're experiencing is because they are not aligned.  You have to acknowledge all three and then begin the process of blending and aligning.  This is the true definition of the Holy Trinity that you read in the books.  How many centuries have they been looking for this holy grail?  If you think it's some cup or artifact, I'm sorry to tell you, it will never be found.  Mental tension is in the air with Mercury Uranus quincunx.  You can ease the tension by having mental flexibility.  Why?  Because self-knowledge comes through mental expansion.  The Moon Jupiter conjunction will drive you to search for personal freedom.  The Moon Pluto conjunction brings intense encounters that poke at these areas to make you aware.  I'm a believer in the Law of Attraction which is a universal law.  Use the Moon Neptune trine to feel and connect with these forces.  How can you feel the right signals if your emotional body is out of whack?  There is the importance of Mind Body Soul alignment.  I'm telling you now it won't happen in days, weeks or months; it's a process. Andy, from Shawshank Redemption, didn't dig that tunnel with a shovel.  He did it one spoon scoop at a time.  He then had to crawl through a  sewer full of shit to gain his freedom.  Are you willing to scoop and crawl through sewers?  I said people use home when referring to Cancer.  How do you build a house?  Brick by brick!



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