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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from I Am Astrology Readings. On this day of celebration throughout the world, the astrological energies keep spinning. When everyone is giving and receiving gifts, we find the Moon in material loving Taurus. All energy has an opposite expression. The opposite of the love of materials would be fear of loss and poverty. The unfavorable Moon Chiron aspect has everyone’s sensitivity gage set on high. Some will gather with loved ones today, you already know “You know who” will be attending. The Moon’s contact with the Sun helps you with the art of patience. Yes, Venus Moon quincunx keeps trying to bring your attention to unsettled issues but the Moon’s sextile with Neptune says this is a feel-good day. Put those issues on the back burner, try relaxing by connecting with the festive atmosphere. Music, fun, games or even get out to delight in nature's wonders. Mercury’s trine with Uranus means for kids surprising gifts under the tree, for us adults it could be unexpected or surprising news/event. If this occurs, try being open to weird ideas. For people with more of the stationary immovable controlling energy, this could be an irritating time. Your choice!



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