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Mercury Retrograde

Holy shit, Batman! What a week. Since the last time I spoke to you guys fixed energy (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) has been taking a pounding. The Sun was busy putting Saturn and Jupiter in their proper place. You guys maybe titans of the sky but I’m the boss of the whole wheel. Saturn, yes you may have ownership of this Aquarius house, but I own the block. As I slowly walk away from you guys, I’m sending my messenger Mercury back to make sure you two heard what the fuck I said. Mercury starts its retrograde season today until Feb.20, 2021 after moving ahead of the Sun letting everyone ahead know that the boss is on the way. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Mars joined the archery division. From the squaring position in Taurus, Mars has begun shooting arrows further inflicting damage on the Aquarius placements. Neptune’s square with the North Node screams my dreams are turning into nightmares or vice versa. Depending on where you currently are at on your personal evolutionary journey. For some these times have been a nightmare but for others it’s been a dream come true. The Moon just went into Virgo to watch and analyze with a critical eye trying to figure out what’s really going on. Men lie. Women lie. Numbers tell truths.



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