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I tell people all the time that the universe uses others to deliver messages.  As in it uses someone with vocal cords and speaks your language.  This morning while walking the dogs, a guy I frequently see walked by saying how it was a great morning and it feels a little different.  I said yes it is Sun is out, not too hot and not too cold.  I could have responded that the shift you may feel is Mercury (Thoughts, Communication) moved into Scorpio while you were sleeping.  He probably would have looked at me like I was crazy, but it showed me someone who is connected with nature could feel the energy vibe shift; he just didn't have the words to explain it.  Mercury has ingressed into Scorpio. Truth be told, Scorpio energy is nothing to play around with nor take lightly.  Scorpio is extreme energy with not much middle ground.  It's deep, intense, scary, negative, and hateful or it can be healing, greatly focused, fearless, and loving for the next human.  Either/or, negative/positive, there is no riding the fence. It can operate from seeing the worst in everything, everything is doomed, everyone is a criminal, or be the successful one because of your relentless drive.  This is the arena we will play in mentally until early December, except during the retrograde period when Mercury will dip back into Libra for a brief moment.  I hope you are wearing your life preserver jackets because Scorpio waters are deep, dark, cold, and murky.  Don't get caught in the undertow!



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