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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

It's going to be a Tantalizing Tuesday, as the two benefic's have a conversation today.  Venus in Cancer is standing opposite of Jupiter in Capricorn.  Cancer being the family and Capricorn being the structures that we live by.  Combining the Moon's movement into Sagittarius in a squaring aspect with the Sun, begs me to ask, is it your emotions or is it your ego that is standing in the way of harmonious relationships with your close loved ones?  Sagittarius energy can always find the bright side of any situation.  Virgo is the analyzing helper.  It could be a nice day to attempt to fix that broken fence.  The Venus Jupiter connection sets the stage for good moods, which can foster openness in reconciliation.  We have extra help with the Moon in mutual reception with Chiron (the wonder healer) saying it's time.  Neptune's presence in Pisces is telling the Sun and Moon all you have to do is believe in the dream.



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