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Matters of the Heart

When we start the morning, we may be hit with feelings of nostalgia as we tune into our heart and ask ourselves where can I make adjustments. The moon will say hello to the North Node on her way to Virgo by the afternoon. Getting the little details done can lead to better organization and flow. This will be the energy to lean on with the building tension of a squaring aspect with Venus and the moon as Venus turns direct today. All the reviewing that we have been doing in our relationship zone, now it's time to put some action forward. The moons trine with Uranus opens a gate to new ways of emotional expression. The sextile the moon makes with the sun says help is only a phone call away. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, but we can take ownership of these mishaps with the mercury Chiron square. It's important to remember everyone you deal with is a type of relationship. The only actions you can control are your own, so stay mindful. The Venus Saturn trine can provide an atmosphere for good relations with all, ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT!



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