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Masculine and Feminine Expression

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Astrology is just like an onion, layer after layer after layer. All layers play a pole in delineation of a planet in a chart. One aspect of delineation that has fell off with modern astrology but was a cornerstone in traditional astrology is planetary conditions. Planetary conditions are a way an astrologer can tell the effectiveness of a planet. In modern astrology all planets in the chart are working in the best interest of a person. In traditional astrology not so much. It seems like today as a society which has trickled down to us as individuals, we tend to sugar coat and not acknowledge that things are just fucked up. This is a bad situation, that person is abusive. Yes, they may change but you don’t have to stick around waiting for something that may never happen. Bad things do and can happen to good people and good things seem to make its way to people who you perceive as bad. Yes, despite your best-efforts life can be filled with failures and disappointments.

The conditions we find planets in the chart helps an astrologer recognize what could be a problem area for a person no matter how hard they try. All signs and planets have a masculine and feminine expression of the same energy. The definition of masculine is of having qualities traditionally ascribed to men: strength, bold, robust, strong, sturdy, vigorous, the patriarch. Astrologically masculine energy was initiating action and fast movement. The definition of feminine is of having qualities traditionally ascribed to women: sensitivity, gentleness, soft, tender, delicate, the matriarch. Astrologically feminine energy is the receiving of action and slower movement.

One of the first steps in determining a planets condition in a chart is how masculine or how feminine is the planet in question. Do you have a feminine planet that is in extreme feminine conditions or does this feminine planet lean more towards a masculinized expression? Is this masculine planet more rough rugged and raw or does it lean towards a more feminized expression? The Sun Saturn Jupiter and Mars are the masculine planets. The Moon and Venus are the feminine planets. Mercury can be either masculine or feminine depending on if it rises before or after the Sun. The masculine signs are the fire and air signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The feminine signs are the earth and water signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. What happens when you take a masculine planet and put it in a feminine sign? What happens when you take a feminine planet and place it in a masculine sign? How does masculine Jupiter act when in feminine Taurus?

The next step in determining the masculinity or femininity of a planets condition is the planets solar phase. Solar phase is a planets location relative to the Sun. In this case does it rise before the Sun or after the Sun. Planets that rise before the Sun was seen to be more masculinized while planets rising after the Sun are seen to be more feminized. If feminine Venus rises before the Sun its more masculine, then Venus rising after the Sun. This is adding another layer to the formula.

There are also masculine and feminine areas or quadrants in the chart. The third step in determining gender of a planet is the quadrant location of a planet in the chart. Imagine a circle split into 4 halves. From the ascendent up to the MC is a masculine quadrant. From the MC down to the descendent is a feminine quadrant. From the descendent to the IC is the other masculine quadrant. From the IC back up to the ascendent is the other feminine quadrant. Another layer added to gender.

The last layer in determining the gender of a planet is the planets celestial latitude. You will need the assistance of a computer. Celestial latitude is the distance of a planet north or south of the ecliptic. Planets north of the ecliptic are masculine, while planets south of the ecliptic are feminine.

The gender of a planet influences the expression of the planet. It’s one of many factors that helps determine the planets’ ability to do the things that come most naturally to the planet. Masculine planets in extreme feminine conditions can lead to frustrations and boredom. A feeling of wanting to move forward but carrying too much weight. Feminine planets in extreme masculine conditions could lead to feeling pressured. It can be a source of tension or even an area of fear. Emotionally fearful of expression yourself.

In the beginning I said that astrology is like an onion possessing many layers. In this brief break down of determining gender status of a planet, it took 4 steps. There are many rules and steps you must learn and take when trying to determine what a placement means in your birth chart. Hopefully this episode helps you in your journey in trying to figure out why the hell you came down here in the first place.

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