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Mars Square Pluto

After the exciting Christmas Star that has been all over mainstream news, the excitement has come to a screeching halt. What the mainstream news did not tell you about is the planetary alignment that follows. Malefic Mars in full tension with the farthest planet Pluto the buried unconscious. Challenges could surface querying you to step up or push you to take more of a leadership role. The conflicting outcome of this energy could be overstepping other people’s boundaries for selfish intentions. Be extremely careful, today is prone for accidents, angry outburst, or lack of self-control. The Moon's conjunction with Mars makes this an emotionally explosive day. The Mercury Chiron square is throwing a monkey wrench in plans once etched in stone. Being that this is the holiday season, the Moons unfavorable contact with Venus signals plans with loved ones. If you are the aggressive type, symbolically speaking you may bring a knife to the fight not expecting the other has a gun. For the self-aware, issues that transpire are the deep desires hidden in your shadows that you need to come to term with. These are pointing to past issues that are preventing a joyous present. As painful as it may be, you have to carry your own cross. Until then you’re like the character Wimpy from the cartoon Popeye the Sailor. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”



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