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Margaret Mitchell-Born To Write

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

My better half loves to go to the Oakland cemetery tours, so guess who gets to go along? Oakland is a very old cemetery where most of Atlanta’s elites are buried. At first, I thought it was going be like one of those things guys get dragged to that they really do not want to go yet they have to. What I thought quickly changed after going a few times. You see, on these tours, depending on the season, they sometimes dress up and have actors by certain graves, and they tell you about that person who is lying there.

When did these tours get interesting to me? As an astrologer we spend a lot of time looking at events in peoples lives matching them up with dates and planets. All graves have birthdates, so I started pulling up the birthdates as the people told the stories matching up the energy. By this time these tours really got fascinating to me. I started sharing charts with my better half, not only were we hearing the history of the person but with astrology it just added more spice to the tour. For instance, I forgot one of the grave sites sun sign ....let’s just say it was something that wouldn’t have pointed to this aspect. On top of his grave was a statue of his dog. I started asking myself why would that sign insist on being buried with his dog right there. The dog being on top was part of the story in the tour. Turns out he was a Pisces moon which answered that questioned for me. Pisces best friends could actually be their pets. See what a little extra astrology can provide? Everyone else on the tour left that grave just thinking ....oh, he is weird or strange for doing that but we walked away knowing his moon (emotions) being Pisces he loved his animals.

On “The Lovers’ Tour” on Valentine’s Day weekend we passed by the grave of someone known world wide. When people visit Atlanta they still go to her house to this very day and it’s in the heart of the city. This person was, Margaret Mitchell, the famous author who wrote Gone With The Wind an American classic novel. The book and movie was so big it broke records. By the way, I do not look up everyone, just the people that spark my interest. What made me look up Margaret? I asked myself what made this Scorpio write that book. Margaret was born November 8, 1900 and died August 16,1949 at the age of 48. When I pulled her chart up I got part of my answer right away, but when I got home and looked further into her story it really got fascinating. I used a chart without a time at first but then I found a timed chart on astroseek that showed her as a Virgo rising. You need an accurate birth time to get the rising sign so I doubted this at first. How could they know what time she was born at in 1900 but while reading her history I kept going back to this virgo rising chart. I think it actually maybe right when you look at aspects of her life.

To begin with, remember the reason I said in the beginning, I was wondering why this Scorpio would be a writer? If she is a virgo rising that would put her sun in the 3rd house (Communication). I could have stopped right there question answered, but there is more, and she was more fascinating then just that. Margaret comes from a wealthy family who’s father was a lawyer. Margaret has Venus in Libra, the sign it rules, in the 2nd house (Values and security). Being that she was a night birth Venus is her benefic (good) planet. This placement points to family having money. I also find it interesting the father was a lawyer and a Libra. Libra is the scales of justice. Speaking of the father, not only did he not agree with her first marriage, he also didn’t agree with her taking a job as a reporter. Margaret’s Venus is square (tension) Saturn in her 5th house in Capricorn. The 5th house rules kids’ hobbies, short love relationships, (which she had many) and creativity. Saturn here is the malefic (not so good) out of sect being that she is a night birth. There are a few things about this placement. The first husband was abusive which speaks to this placement. Writing was once just a hobby, but, as we all know, that was her creative zone, and the father wanted to stop it. She also never had any kids. I have seen a few charts of people with Saturn in the 5th house who were childless. I think all 3 of these things points to that Saturn placement. I don’t want you guys running away from this blog scared of Saturn, because it’s not always bad; it actually helps her out in the end. Saturn is in at opposition to Neptune in her 10th house (Career, public standing) in the sign of Gemini. Neptune represents dreams, illusions, and magic. Out of this Neptune World comes the artist putting it in Gemini, she created art with words. So, how does Saturn play a good role in this? First, Saturn is in Capricorn, the sign it rules, which helps. Saturn is father time and discipline. From the time she started writing the book until it was published took 10 years. Having her benefic Venus squaring her Saturn helped her finish the book. Staying in the 10th house, she took a job as local reporter for the Atlanta newspaper. Margaret has 3 planets in the 10th house Gemini (communication). Gemini can be gossipy and loves conversations about many topics. That is pretty much what a beat reporter does, she goes around talking about things happening in the town. She was really active in this field writing over 200 articles for the paper. This is probably represented in the stellium (3 or more planets) in Gemini. It can produce an excess of that energy which comes out as plenty of articles written. Margaret was married twice. Both husbands were ex-roommates and friends at one time. The first husband, Red, who later became a character in her novel, was an abusive drunkard whom the second husband, John Marsh, paid off to go away. The second husband, who is in the picture laying next to her grave, was the person who encouraged her to write the book. Being that she is a virgo rising, that would put Pisces on her 7th house cusp. Jupiter, the other benefic, rules Pisces. Her Jupiter is in the 4th house of home family roots in the sign of Sagittarius, the other sign it rules. Her husband (Jupiter) inspired her (Sagittarius) to write the novel while recovering from a accident that forced her to stay home (4th house). Speaking of Sagittarius, I know I said earlier she had a stellium in the sign of Gemini, but what I didn’t tell you is that she actually has two stelliums in her birth chart. The other stellium is in the sign of Sagittarius. Along with Jupiter in her 4th house, she has Mercury, Uranus, and north node. Gemini and Sag are opposite signs of each other. They are kind of the same but different. Both like to communicate, but it’s a different type of communication. Gemini is more gossipy, quick short. Sagittarius is more big-picture longer-view type communication which maybe bad for the newspaper but great novels and screen plays. She knows how to communicate this way, because her mercury is in this sign. She has a strange, unusual, eccentric, and shocking (Uranus) way of communicating this message. One of the big, shocking points of the book were the blatant racist language and portrayals of blacks in the novel, for which she received backlash. She also provided a not so good look at southern white attitudes as well. It put that racist attitude front and center for all to see. Margaret came into her lifetime to communicate, but she did not come here to write short reporting stories; that was just the beginning for the big mission. She came here to write that novel. Her north node (what her soul wants to do) is also in Sagittarius. With Jupiter in the sign it rules, this novel turned out to be a great success.

I have touched pretty much every planet except for one, Mars (the other malefic). Being that she is a night birth mars is her malefic in sect. Both malefics can bring some type of stressful situation, but the malefic in sect might not be as stressful as the malefic out of sect. Margaret’s Mars is in Leo in the 12th house. Now, Mars being in Leo is actually a good placement for writers or creative people. Mars is like warrior get up and go energy put together with Leo, attention loving, works well together. She had the drive to get her writings read. So, the Malefic Mars was good to her in that aspect, but when you add the 12th house to the equation, the yang of Mars shows itself. The 12th house can be a few topics, one of which is confined spaces which includes hospitals. Now this part got really cool. In astrology there is a timing technique called annual profections. From the time of birth our life is set to 12 year cycles, with annual projections you can see what planet and part of the birth chart will be active for that year. The 3rd and 9th houses are usually connected with travel. The 3rd short distance travel and 9th house being long distance and foreign lands type of travel. When she was 26 years old she was in a bad car accident that broke her ankle so severely that she was forced to stay home. The 26th year activates the 3rd house where her sun sits in Scorpio. Her sun in the 3rd house is square Mars by sign not degree in the 12th. Even though the 3rd house was activated it makes a squaring aspect to the 12th house where her malefic in sect sat. The outcome is car accident during short travel. Even though this was a bad accident, it was not totally bad. Shortly after that accident she moved into a 4th house year. The 4th house is associated with home, family, and roots. The accident forced her to sit at home. This is when she started writing the book that made her famous. Although the car accident was a negative thing, something positive actually came out of it. It might have helped that when her 4th house became active it activated a benefic planet Jupiter and mercury. The book was published on June 30,1936 when she was 35 years old. This is interesting because that would put her in a 12th house annual profections year. Another thing associated with a 12th house year cycle is endings. The writing, editing, and rewrites has ended and now it’s time to release it for praise....Leo her 12th house cusp. Remember, Leo likes attention. By time she made it to her birthday, a few months later, she was a star. Which then she moved into a 1st house (Self) year which activated Mercury. Again, her Mercury is located in her 4th house of home, family and roots. That year she became famous for something she wrote while siting at home. She became a household name. Two years later from when they published the book, while in a 2nd house year, she sold the rights to her book for the movie. Venus, her benefic in sect, is in the 2nd house (money) and she received $50,000 for the rights. When I look at her life astrologically, although she did have a couple of down events like the bad first marriage and the car accident that broke her leg, she had a good life. She has the 2 benefics Venus and Jupiter in the signs they rule. She also has a malefic Saturn in the sign it rules, Capricorn. I think some of these placements points to some of the good aspects in her life.

There are two more things I want to mention. The first is that Uranus can be shocking and unexpected. Sagittarius rules higher learning. How did this aspect show up in her life? Even though she got backlash for the way black people were portrayed in her novel, a little known fact about her is that she secretly funded the education of black doctors at Morehouse College of Medicine in Atlanta. I do not want to end on a sad note, but the last thing I found interesting about her is that she died on August 16 1949 four days after being hit by a car. The sun was transiting in her 12th house with Mars, again aspecting her natal sun in the 3rd house, short travel. While on a short trip to a evening show she was hit by a car, but this time it was not just a broken ankle, this accident cost her her life. By the way she was on a first house (self) annual profections year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good thing for her.

I talked about her life astrologically, but we did not look at her book. Even though I have heard a lot about the book and movie, I never personally read it or saw the movie. The book is about love, war, class conflict, racial strife, and generational conflict. All of these topics which can fit inside Scorpio (her sun sign) and all of these topics she lived at one point in her life. I did forget to speak to one thing, her rising sign being Virgo (The analyzer). While sitting at the house, nursing her broken ankle, it gave her a chance to really analyze her life. When she was analyzing her life, this was the basis of her novel, because many aspects of her life are in the book. I am glad my better half made me go with her on the Oakland Cemetery Tours. I try not to let on how much I actually enjoy it, but I can’t wait for the next tour. Hopefully we will tour someone else who is as interesting to read about as Margaret Mitchell.



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