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People can be hard on themselves, very critical.  This leads to not being able to handle constructive criticism from others.  The first initial response is to get defensive and strike out.  This person is hating on me.  What if you took the approach of this person is trying to help me,  then what would your response be? It's hard to accept that it's much easier for others to see us.  I know you’re thinking, “Paul I look in the mirror everyday.”  That is just for your outward, worldly, physical appearance; that is not reflecting how you are showing up on the world stage.  There is a stellium ( 3 or more placements in house or sign) in Capricorn, imagine a bodybuilder on steroids, in opposition to our thoughts (Mercury).  Capricorn is the structures we build and militantly hold steadfast too, but what is this doing to our mental health?  Don't forget we are still fighting the pioneering spirit of the squaring Mars in Aries.  In other words, we are sitting in a pressure cooker time wise.  You need to let out some steam before you open the lid.  Use the Gemini, Venus, Pisces, Neptune square to find alternative ways for pressure reduction.  The answer could be an internet search away.



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