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Back down lover’s lane as we start this new week. Today is the day for lovers to celebrate their love for each other. As we get into midmorning the Moon will move into Aries to spoon with the wounded healer Chiron. This could be an incredibly healing time for your relationship or a time when hurtful feelings resurface. Retrograding Mercury is coupled up with Jupiter dispensing the energy to excessively take things overboard. The positive manifestation of this energy would be having the ability to see the bigger picture in the situation. When passed issues seem to trip you up like that crack in the sidewalk, it’s not a time for rehashing the wounding feelings. Find a way to laugh it off like when you stumble over a rug, you only lose cool points if people see it. The Moon is making uneasy aspects to Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. While this is a day for lovers, where you are personally on your journey can determine the outcome of today. It has the chance of not being so loving after all, depending on your ability to get out your own ego space. You need to recognize your partner's unique love language. Society has programmed us that our home life, our relationships, even our sex life has to fit in a certain box to be considered normal. The Aquarius stellium says, “That is a bunch of bullshit.” For those who are single, has the thought ever crossed your mind that maybe conventional styles of relationships may not be for you? What happens when unexpressed energy is forced in a space it doesn’t belong? It finds a rebellious way of expressing itself, like living in a state of crisis. When you find the trust and intimacy you’re yearning for, you will feel a natural spark. It begins with you trusting and intimately knowing yourself first.



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