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Yesterday Uranus joined Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and North Node all in retrograde.  Retrograde in short means a time of review.  The Topics of the other planets listed have been up for review. why not have another planet joining the review party.  Uranus will be retrograde for the next 5 months in the sign of Taurus putting love, money, and self worth on the table.  Which one of these 3 are in need of a massive shake up that will put you on a new path?  Mercury and Venus are aspecting Chiron (The wounded healer) saying the habits you have today are in direct correlation with events from the past.  The past is key to breaking these habits through a process of forgiving and forgetting.  The road blocks you are experiencing are tied to your self worth.  If you have received some upsetting news or need to make a quick decision, reach out to a trusted friend or even seek professional help.  Clear thinking is needed during this time.  We all were born with a personal gift, something to share with the world.  While Uranus is retrograde try to tap into your uniqueness regardless of what others opinions may be and learn to express it.  As I see it, in these times, it's the only way for future growth.   



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