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As we say hello to Libra season, the theme of peace, harmony, balance, and beautifying the house falls in your chart.  This will be the focal area.  I know I've been talking about tension all throughout Virgo Season, well it ain't over.  Retrograding Mars in Aries will be applying pressure to Libra because they are opposite signs of each other.  This opposition has additional tension from the squaring stellium in Capricorn.  What does all that mumbo jumbo mean?  Areas in your life are due for a correction.  We lazy ass humans don't do things on our own; we need tension to move.  This shift will happen whether you want it or not. Sometimes for balance to be restored total destruction must take place. A scrap and rebuild project needs to happen.  The Sagittarian Moon is providing the energy to push towards the unknown.  Approach worries and concerns from a new perspective.  You can let this period help to enhance your drive and confidence or turn it into anger and frustration.  It's the exact same energy just manifested either with the yin or the yang.  The Moon Neptune square says there is more value in listening than professing your beliefs.  On a good note, the Mercury Moon sextile is offering the energy of clarity, but it's not given; you must seek it. "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you"- Matthew 7:7.  In other words, you have to ask the right questions. 



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