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Whoa Nelly!  The skillet is getting hot.  Mars and Saturn are in an antagonistic square today.  Yes, we have squares all the time, but these are the two malefics.  A benefic (Venus and Jupiter) tend to bring more positive things.  A Malefic (Mars and Saturn) lean towards the not so good.  Bringing both together in a stressful aspect? well, let's just say, pay attention to what you're doing today especially if you are operating heavy machinery.  Nubby could end up being your new nickname if you lose focus.  With the covid virus and two hurricanes headed to the gulf coast, it's not hard to see and feel the tension in the air.  On the personal level, this can represent determination and will power versus the discipline it takes to achieve your goal.  Many people say they want this or that, but are you just talking to hear yourself or do you really want it?  If so, what are you ready to fight through to achieve it?  Example: people say I want to get in shape.  Mars would be the will to start. On day 1 when you're halfway through the workout, Saturn is the one making it hard, asking you do you really want a nice shaped body? I'm going to make it hard for you to breathe now, are you ready to quit?  What is your usual response?  This is a time to ask yourself, “Where can I take action that leads to my leveling up? Do I really want it?”  Don't talk about it, be about it!



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