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The first work week of 2021 has begun, ready or not it’s here. The week is getting started with the Moon hanging out in Virgo. This brings the theme of bettering, improving, enhancing that which we have. Some will begin their new weight loss journey hoping to make it to the goal weight and body aesthetics, good luck in your efforts. For those of you that needed a certain date to begin, you seriously need to rethink your motivations for getting started, chances are you not going to hit your target. Everyone is glad 2020 has come to an end but that does not mean we don’t have more difficult energies to still contend with. The Moon's contact with Pluto has/will bring deep truths to the surface, it’s hard to argue with facts. We are here as soulful beings trying to learn life lessons through interactions with others on the earthly plane. Most times you don’t realize the lesson being learned until the episode is over, at that moment you have clarity. The Moons trine with Mercury in the earth signs can help you find that clarity. After the lesson is learned the true work begins. You need to take corrective actions so this will not happen again. Set a practical goal, be dependable, and do the work! Or Not!



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