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Do you remember when you were a late teenager forced to go to a party with your parents? Remember being there looking for someone your age to vibe with but all the other teens there ended up being weird and lame just like the so called “Party.” That has been Jupiter in its fall in Capricorn. Good news Jupiter has left the lame party. The not so good news, Jupiter snuck off at the party got high and now is in the back seat loaded as his parents try talking to him unknowingly, he is blazed out of his mind. Jupiter in intellectual air Aquarius signals expansion of our consciousness and raising the level of our thought processes. We are moving to a more community based forward humanitarian thought in the way we approach global issues. The universal energy is one sided with all planetary energy concentrated on one side of the chart making it hard to find the balance needed to maintain. The Sun Mercury conjunction makes this a good time for making decisions. We find the Moon in Pisces making awkward aspects to Venus and Mars ushering in irritations from unsettled issues or agreements. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill if you have an issue popup. The Venus Chiron trine asks you to phone a friend to get supporting ears. As we move more into Aquarian love of freedom type energy, learn to be more open to new possibilities. Yes, it’s great to make plans but most times greatness comes from the unexpected. The unexpected doesn’t come from planning. It’s going with the feeling at that moment throwing all caution out the window.



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