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As the Moon leaves Aries she tells Mars, "See you later, and buy an air conditioner. Your house is too hot," and moves into Taurus. The Moon loves to be in Taurus It's like receiving the royal treatment at your favorite spa, because she is exalted in Taurus, but she gets a little irritated with Uranus sitting in the stall next to her telling some wild crazy story. Today your responses may differ from your norm. When someone makes a statement then follows up with, "I'm just joking." There is a hint of truth present. Your response is the true you. Surprised? I bet you didn't think you had that laying dormant inside you just waiting for the most inappropriate time to jump out. Proper use of this energy would be to gain enough emotional detachment allowing you distance to make objective evaluations on your security and value system. Mercury making a squaring aspect to this placement asks the question, “How do your opinions and perceptions help or hinder your self-worth?” Being able to detach will allow you to identify which values are truly yours and which values belong to others. This process will help facilitate the integration of emotional with the mental. To have a good plan, you need to know what you want. What you want is to feel safe and valued. This can never happen by the actions of others, the pathway is to.  .  .



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