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July 28, 2021

The heat is on. Not only outside but as fiery Mars sits at the critical 29th degree of Leo. Mars is preparing for tomorrow’s ingress into the sign of Virgo. Rejoining the twinkle in his eye Venus in the same sign. When Planets are on the move, they like to leave their signature just to let you know the champ was here. Be mindful of Mars type of energy occurring like acts of aggression, outburst, impulsiveness or forceful uses of will power. With three planets in Leo, the drive to stand out, to be seen, or to be noticed is heightened. Not all exposure is received with celebratory fanfare. There will always be someone calling you names which is ok. As long as those names do not turn to sticks and stones. The Moon’s contact with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn says be open to new ideas, you could receive inspirational downloads. Deep truths could come to the surface in unexpected ways which could lead to misunderstandings. The energy of today has an out of sorts feel to it. If this pops up for you, you must find a way to remain calm.



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