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The Moon will sneak into Sagittarius early in the morning while most will still be sleeping. By the time you wake up, let the adventure begin. Being a fire sign, this puts the Moon in a trine with the Sun in Leo. This brings to my mind inspiration and enthusiasm. With the times we are in, some could be losing the grip or enthusiasm for life. It's like you haven't committed a crime but have been put in solitary confinement. Even though your body is social distancing, you can still travel anywhere in the world right now, mentally.  The universe works in mysterious ways.  If you have been looking for a solution, it may come from a surprising source.  Pay attention to what is said to you by others.  They just may speak the answer you're looking for.  Keep in mind, we are still not out of the woods, times will be intense until damn near the end of December.  In school I learned how to cook not with a recipe book but by using whatever I had to work with at the time.  Not everything was good, but I didn't starve either.  2020 is turning out to be 1 bag of sour lemons.  I, for one, plan on making myself some lemonade. It's hot outside.



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