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There are 5 major aspects in astrology: conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, and trine. Other aspects are referred to as minor aspects. Although Quincunx may be called a minor aspect, it's really nothing to play with. After the Mars Pluto square things may still be simmering.   Tempers flared and you need time to cool off.  In comes the quincunx to turn up the heat.  A quincunx points to areas you need to make changes or adjustments.  The Sun and Moon are in harmony which is good because events need to happen to give you the insight on your behavior.  If you're conscious enough, you will recognize the lesson.  The moon will pull up on the North Node shining a light on the adjustments you need to make that will put you back on your life path.  Your ideas and beliefs are being challenged to make you rethink your philosophy on life.  You can either be flexible and open to new ways to solve old problems or continue to go at it how you always have.  How has that worked for you so far?  Relationships take work.  You can use the Sun Mars trine to help activate the problem solving energy, but keep in mind, it takes cooperation from both sides.  On a good note, it's Friday, the beginning of the weekend.  Find an outlet for the pent up feelings before they get the best of you.



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