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I Have been warning you about the tension in the air. Although it is very tense, the work comes in how do you let it affect your inner being. We are in the beginning stages of Libra season energy. My question would be, what do you need to release so whatever good or bad happens it won't disturb your inner equilibrium and peace. The Moon in Aquarius, which is great for detachment from the physical to tap into the scientific intellectual. Aquarius is a new, innovative, freedom loving, independent and unusual type of energy. The next two days, this could be how you respond. The Venus Pluto quincunx ushers in powerful encounters over women or money. Sometimes the best way to handle it is to speak truth letting the weight of that be enough. Keep in mind resolutions are found through gentle loving communications not heated debates. With the Sun sitting at 4 degrees Libra one quick way to lift your spirits is to interact with like minded people. Reach out to that kindred spirit today, say hey let's just vibe for a few minutes. That can be the spark that ignites your flame. 



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