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If you knew me on a personal level, every now and then I may pose a question intended to make you think. Maybe even get you to see a different perspective on the same situation. The Sun is at 19 degrees Sagittarius in opposition to the North Node at 19 degrees Gemini. The Sabian symbol speaks of the need for people to discover a new way of living a more wholesome lifestyle. Your ego (Sun) is on one shoulder while fate is on the other shoulder. Which one do you go with? I recently asked someone “taking into account your age, you probably have 20 to 25 more years left, do you want to sit around waiting to die for 20 or do you want to Live for 20?” It’s the same amount of time but totally different lifestyles. I just left that to simmer. The Moon Uranus opposition in fixed signs brings the uneasy surprising energy that shakes you out of your emotional rut. Scorpio is a water sign, but water can turn to steam or ice. When your water is frozen nothing moves. Try to be proactive in melting your own emotional ice. Trust me, you don’t want the universe to break that ice for you. Neptune’s square to the Sun and North Node brings the feeling of uneasiness on which path to choose. I’m from the old school, at some point, “you just gotta let your nuts hang!”



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