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Hello Sagittarius season, it sure is a welcoming sight after the heavy emotionally fixed energy of Scorpio. Today the Sun is truly on the cusp because it sits at 0 degrees. A cusp goes by degrees not by the day. Sagittarius is the sign of I seek but seek what? Venus has finished balancing relationships and has moved into Scorpio (I Desire). To answer what to seek, you have to know the answer to what you desire. The Moon is in the escapist sign of Pisces, find a way to escape from your current situation with meditation, music, walks in nature, even playing with a pet. Mercury (Thoughts) is making a peaceful trine to Neptune intensifying our intuitive powers if you can connect to it. Escaping from the world can lead to clearer thoughts on what you desire for security and comfort. We are on the cusp coming out of water into mutable fire; it will take a few days for the adventurous open minded optimistic energy of Sagittarius to warm up. Good timing for deciding what “It” is. Life is a journey in which we reach expansion and enlightenment through the explorations that we choose to seek. You can have a car with a full tank of gas ready to go, however you will waste gas driving in circles without a destination. The only circle driving you receive rewards is NASCAR. What’s your destination?



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