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On Aug 13, 2020 I wrote a horoscope called Thin Ice.  In it I  mentioned a mack truck running over your body, hitting reverse, and rolling over you again. Then to make sure the job is done, put it back in drive and roll back over you.  Well, the mack truck has slammed on the brakes.  Mars will go retrograde this evening at 6:22 P.M. EDT at 28 degrees of Aries.  In a Schwarzenegger voice "I'll be back!" The Sabian degree speaks of '"A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed it's audience."  All we have to do is look at the current political conditions to see how that is manifesting.  Anyone with placements at late degrees of cardinal signs ( Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), anywhere from 25 to 29 degrees, the pressure is on.  First up to the bat will be the square to Saturn.  If you have been hoping and waiting on something to happen soon, expect delays and blockages.  The Moon has made her way into Gemini.  More information needs to be gathered and more conversations need to be had before you're allowed to proceed forward.  A few weeks ago, on the day of the exact square , we had the explosion in Beirut.  I'm not saying something will explode again, but brace yourself for explosive times. Turn on the TV; you can see the passion has been ratcheted up a few notches.  Do your best to stay grounded and centered to make it safely out the other end of this thing.  The more dirt you put on a fire , eventually it will put out the flames.  Good Luck!



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