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If you are someone who has a rough time controlling your emotions, do your best acting job and become a grizzly bear. Go hibernate somewhere. I feel like Oprah, “You get a quincunx, and you get a quincunx, and you get a quincunx” they are everywhere. I warned you by the end of the year you will get tired of hearing that word. Although considered a minor aspect the effects from this aspect may not feel so minor. Yes, the square aspect is a more powerful stressful aspect, but the quincunx is no Sunday stroll through the park. We have major astrological events building up. One so major it’s starting to break into mainstream media. When regular people who normally look at me crazy when I speak astrology start asking me if I heard about the Jupiter Saturn meeting in the sky, that’s a big sign to me that change is on the horizon. The Sun’s light can be seen before it reaches the horizon and a little after it has gone below the horizon. That is the build up of momentum and the subsiding of momentum. When there is a Venus Mars quincunx as well as Mercury Uranus quincunx combined with the Moon’s quincunx to Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron, I would watch the company you keep. The painful episodes, irritations, feelings of frustration your experiencing is the buildup to the light coming over the horizon. Pay attention, see it for the lessons it brings. You can welcome the changes you need to address or resist making the inevitable change feel worse than it should. Your choice, free will!



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