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As your astrologer, I want to be honest with you.  I, for the most part, walk the path of positivity.  In these horoscopes I try to tell the truth, and the truth is, I have been struggling to find the positives on a daily basis.  The honest part, it's going to be a bumpy September into October.  That's just a general warning.  Planets will be coming out of retrograde while others will be going into retrograde.  Planets go retrograde all the time, but the other aspects it makes to significant planets caused the confusion.  There is a  tug of war of what to do about work verses the family survival, and there is a tug of war for getting back to a regular schedule verses maintaining your physical and mental health.  There is a need to invent a new you verses the struggle whether or not to maintain personal and professional relationships. There is need to stretch your philosophical beliefs verse those of the community we find ourselves in. There is a security we seek verses the unexpected hiccups. Put your big boy and girl drawers on because September here we come!


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