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Greatest of All Time

Not everyone can be nor wants to be the G. O. A. T. (greatest of all time) in the things that they do. They just enjoy doing it. What everyone can strive for is being the goat's version of themselves. Becoming this version will take time. It's not an overnight process. You can't be afraid of change, you can't be afraid to take the actions that will bring out change, and you can't be in denial of changes that need to be made. There will come a time when it seems like all the effort that has been put forth, is not paying off. You're not getting the results you were hoping for.

Then suddenly it may seem out of nowhere, boom. Fate, karma destiny, good luck, or maybe an act of God comes your way. Did it really come out of nowhere or that which was at the bottom reached its time to rise. What goes around comes around. What had started from on high must take a fall and what had started at the bottom must rise. It's an endless cycle. What part of this cycle are you currently in?

Staying focused with your eyes on the prize can be difficult. You can even find yourself walking away from that in which you took so much time cultivating for other so-called higher pursuits. Was that the original intent or purpose in the first place? We find ourselves hopping from purpose to purpose looking for a place to call our own home. A place where you're at peace, comfortable, and feel like you belong. Could home be that in which you walked away from to obtain higher pursuit?

Can we return home and claim what's rightfully ours. The reason you started what you were doing was not for the material things. But at some point, you forgot the higher reason and let it be all about the money. Just be the goat, let the material work itself out on its own.



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01 nov. 2023
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knowing when its right or wrong to walk away from something you established and built upon is a headache

i still feel value with what i’ve cultivated but being comprehensive with reality it seems i’ve been on a steady downsloap

i tend to question myself and find myself in a loop of possible answers that i have no confidence in

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