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If you have clear skies tonight, look for the great Saturn Jupiter conjunction at the 29 degrees of Capricorn. Yesterday I spoke about the critical 29th degree to bring more turbulence: the Moon squares malefic Mars today. We live in an interactive world. All experiences are felt (Moon) internally. We have no control over worldly events, but all events affect us on an emotional level. Later tonight Saturn will break away from the pack moving from the earth sign to fixed air Aquarius. Collectively, we are moving to a futuristic, open mindedness, willingness to do things different. What happens when you don’t want to willingly move? That’s when you experience sudden interruptions, restrictions, and limitations to the things you value. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is in Taurus waiting for the right time to shake up your value system and security. In my eyes the universe has a funny sense of humor. For the ones who are having trouble moving, let me send this situation their way, grab my popcorn, and watch the show. For the ones who like to hide behind false façade, this shift into Aquarius energy will be extremely hard for you. This time is all about being your authentic self, no apologies needed. Do you know who that is? This Moon Mars square will let you know if you have that answer!



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