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As we begin this new work week, we wake up to a Virgo Moon. This is setting the stage for a Grand Cross in mutable signs. Mutable means changeable. The mutable season which we are in now is when we are changing over from the fixed season. If you looked at the calendar as if it was a vacation trip, the cardinal signs would be the journey to the destination. The fixed signs would be the time spent at the destination. The mutable signs would be the journey home. A Grand Cross is four challenging square aspects. The moods that you feel are meant to bring to light the lesson you desperately need to take on at this time. Our emotions are in a tug of war with what we have dreamed for our lives. Our ego and thoughts in a tug of war with our soul’s true journey. These two tugs of wars are getting additional stress from the 90-degree points. It’s like being in the middle of two divorcing parents, which side do you choose? Neither. You have to find a way to work with them both. Keep in mind, they both will be giving you the heavily weighted version of the story in favor of themselves. This is not easy energy to contend with but it’s doable, if you know how to keep your inner balance. Good Luck with that.



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