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As we get started on this labor day weekend, the Moon will be hanging out in impulsive Aries. This is the last hurrah of the summer, this can lead to a tendency to over do it. Be careful out there because the Moon is next to the wounded healer. Ain't nobody got time for unintended accidents. We are nearing the change (mutable) over to fall. Fun and fellowship will be on the menu, don't get too bogged down in the details of the plans and forget this is supposed to be fun. The Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus are forming an earth grand trine. People can stick to the script but it's easier to stay open to the unexpected, that could turn out to be the life of the party. Leave your beliefs and ideologies at home, no one wants to hear that shit. Try to be interested in just connecting with others, it may be hard with the energy of the Aries moon. Aries is individualistic and competitive which is met with resistance. The resistance that you face is not against your whole plan, it means can you include this part in your already made plans. Lean on the earth grand trine energy turning I need to do this on my own into an attitude of inclusion.



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