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Are you a writer or some type of creative and have been experiencing a creative block?  The fog is briefly lifted where you will have full access to a creative explosion.  We have a grand trine in water with the Moon, Mercury, and the dreamer, Neptune. They are working in harmony now.  Try to remember your dreams; it could be the new idea for your next project.  You will experience less frustration if you accept that no one else will support you in getting your dreams started.  You're on your own.  Seriously, do not expect people to come around until after you're established.  Lack of support can trigger hurt feelings, which may be touched today.  If your buttons are pushed in some way, do something different this time.  Instead of dwelling on the who, the what, or the where of the irritation, ask yourself, “Why does this bother me?”  Understanding the why is the key.  Lastly, I mentioned a grand trine in water.  It's could be a positive aspect or a trap.  Water seems like a easy element to control, but it's really unpredictable. Being from New Orleans I know one weak spot in your levee can put a whole city under water. 



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