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Hey everyone! I know it’s been 2 weeks since you have seen a horoscope from me. Although I love providing this information for you guys, sometimes circumstances make you have to decide either them or me. I choose me. I am not just speaking personally, you should also adopt that frame of thought. Your boy is ok, nothing is wrong, I was taking the time to level up my situation. It’s funny with planets in retrograde (Review, Go Back) I was called to do something I once did in the past. Even though I wasn’t writing for the collective, some of you have hit me up on a solo level where I was able to provide a little insight on the current planetary energy. Since I have been gone, we have been through some intense energy. Mercury and Mars coming out of retrograde going direct. We had some squares and powerful oppositions and conjunctions. The latest power conjunction being the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. Jupiter makes things bigger (The hot air inside the hot air balloon) is the energy of Jupiter. Combined with Plutonian energy, it’s not surprising to me the COVID numbers have exploded. Pluto being transformational energy combined with Jupiter, just like the hot air balloon rises so shall the transformative truth. Ready or not here it comes. We also had a New Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio during the wee hours of the morning. The Sabian symbol speaks of nature spirits and transforming that energy to higher levels. Most think that is 3 big triangles and a feline type body with a human head in Egypt. The truth is if you don’t know symbology it can be hidden in plain sight. We are no different from that Lion, Tiger, Bear, etc. but can you transform those animal tendencies and urges to rise to a new higher level of consciousness. It is sort of in so many words your cross to bear. Which can be achieved by balancing your holy trinity ( Sun, Moon, Rising).



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