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The Moon moved into Pisces last night.  Pisces is a sensitive water sign, so for the next two days pay attention to the subtle things in your surroundings.  Leaning more on intuition than logic is the way to work with the Piscean energy.   One problem with Pisces is it lives in a delusional world, refusing to see how things really exist.  The Moon is making 4 semi-square aspects.  A semi-square is considered a minor, hard aspect in astrology, it causes friction.  It's like sliding down a water slide without the water turned on.  This friction is supposed to spark action to reduce the tension.  When it comes to minor or major hard aspects, who is the judge of the level of harshness?  Something minor to one person can be the end of the world for the next.  The Moon is making those semi-squares to Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and Saturn.  Putting all this together, some tension may arise because of how you would like someone else to be.  Instead of blowing the situation up, show some restraint.  Have patience and learn to let go, because this too shall pass.  The Piscean energy has a tendency to hold people to what they think should be their ideal.  People need to accept that two people growing up in the same household, with the same two parents, given the same things and opportunities, can grow up with two totally different value systems.  If you have a sibling, do you value the same things?  If not, how can you hold someone from a different household to what you think their standards should be?  These next two days try to really understand the other person. It will not only take listening but being interested in understanding the other to really get it.



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