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Did you get out the wrong side of the bed?  Did you wake up feeling out of sorts?  Coffee anyone?  It just may be the pick-me-up you need to snap you out of it.  After all, it is Friday.  It's the start of the weekend.  Spirits usually are running high because it's the end of the work week for some.  By later this afternoon, you could be feeling lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket or press your luck in some type of way.  Hopefully, it's not while doing something dangerous.  Mars and Venus are still in contention making disputes easily reached.  Try leaning on the more positive side of this planetary attraction; make love not war.  Finding something new to do is a way to keep it zesty.  Bring something different to the table other than that same 3-day-old, stale bread that is harder than bricks.



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