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As the Sun moves through a sign the Moon is moving as well but much faster. While the ego (Sun) stays in a sign roughly a month, the Moon (emotions) will travel through all 12 signs. For that month the ego will have an emotional experience from 12 different angels. Imagine going to a stadium to watch a game but every few minutes you switch seats. By the time the game was over, you saw the game from every stadium angle. The Sun is currently in Libra. Collectively it's about balancing our personal and business relationships and beautifying our surroundings. I have been talking about how we are in tense times, we have been sitting in a pressure cooker. We are not about to blow yet, but Pluto, being out of retrograde, is adding extra spice. The retrograde log jam in Capricorn has finally started moving forward. The delays, restrictions, and blockages you have been dealing with should start seeing some daylight. Pluto going direct could bring deep truths to the surface. The truth is an acquired taste; not everyone can handle it. Some may even run from it. If this is you, this could be a very uncomfortable time. If you are a lover of truth, although the truth could be painful or unsettling, you have what you need to make the best decision. "You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32



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