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It's Friday, and the Moon is sextile Jupiter. I would usually say it's a good time to be with people, but in these times group activities may not be the best of ideas. Entertain yourself with some activities with your housemates. Speaking of house, the urge to make a few changes like rearrange, make some repair, or declutter could be on your agenda. The Moon Pluto sextile has a theme of truthful feelings being revealed, yours or someone else's. The feelings that come up point to an unresolved issue that needs attending to. On a lighter note, Neptune conjunct the Moon in Pisces, leaving this world could sound like a good idea. Don't over do it with the party favors, the Saturn moon septile is asking you to have a little restraint. If party favors are not your thing, creative projects, poetry, music, art, decorating etc. could accomplish the same effect. The problems you're facing and the answer to said problem are two different vibrations. We have 4 planets in empathic water. Have you heard the saying, "You are what you eat?" Well empaths feel what they are around. To change your vibe take a look at your tribe.



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