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On the 2nd day of the new year, let the good times continue as we reach the end of another week. The Leo Moon is leading the way of a grand trine in fire consisting of Venus and Mars. Can you push yourself to be honest, to take on a physical challenge, or start something new? The energy of a grand trine is very powerful energy that can be used to get anyone of these fire activities going. Venus being in opposition to the North Node life changing events could come knocking at your door; it could be someone from your past coming to cut the chords that once bound you together. Hopefully you have the patience to find the correct words, but the Moon Mercury quincunx makes communication more difficult. Discover a way to step into the fire energy by showing enthusiasm, being impulsive, uncovering something that inspires you, have a good laugh, just have some plain ole fun. The Venus Mars aspect has all 5 senses on high. Release and live-in gratitude.



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