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Do dreams come true? It all depends on who's doing the dreaming and what you are dreaming about. We are all capable of making things happen, but it seems like others have an easier time manifesting than most. It’s because of the law of attraction. Have you ever wondered why good things happen to bad people? Just because you perceive them as bad, they don’t feel the same as you. Do you think they are sitting around saying I’m an asshole therefore I don’t deserve good things? The Sun has been in Sagittarius since Nov. 21, our thoughts (Mercury) have now joined. Where the head goes the body will follow. The Sun was ready for freedom, adventure, and expansion but mentally we weren’t there yet. The Moon is in Cancer the sign it rules, creating a grand trine in water with Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio. This is opening up the gates to emotionally get in touch with your dreams that would make you feel valued and may even bring financial security. The moon is making a stressful square to the wounded healer Chiron. Either bridges can begin to be built or a loved one could poke the bear. The Suns semisquare to Jupiter says this tension is intended for you to take stock in your life at this time. Although you could be feeling out of sorts, try to be flexible to new opportunities. One of the hardest things for a new artist to get used to hearing is the sound of their own voice. You’re not used to hearing yourself that includes the stories you tell. All those stories of what happened to you in the past that you tell everyone that knows you, get a recorder and record yourself telling these same stories. When you are done, go back and listen to yourself a few times. I think you will be shocked at what you discover.



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Dec 02, 2020

I love your wisdom Paul! Thank you for writing this. I felt it in my soul

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