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Falling Chips

Hello all, it’s nice to connect back with you guys. We have had some planetary movement since the last time I spoke with you guys. We have even changed seasons. Astrologically speaking, the new year has just begun. Society wise we celebrated the new year a few months ago. Aries season is here. Not wanting to be left out of the Arian fun, Venus followed the sun into Aries where they will meet tonight. Like new buds sprouting, it’s time to focus on what brings you joy. Unfortunately, an uncomfortable event designed to help you become aware may force you to do so. While the Sun and Venus plays in Mars’s sandbox, the host of Aries Mars has been pinned down between the titans Saturn and Jupiter while getting closer and closer to destiny with the Nodes. Something has to pop free. For the ones who can’t handle a few harsh words, this could be an uneasy ride. For the ones who usually enjoy a good debate, this debate may not end the way you intended. The Moon in Cancer has our emotions heightened. The Moons square with aggressive Mars and in opposition to transformational Pluto intensifies the emotional impact of any situation. Sooner or later, what needs to be said has to come out, might as well let it fly letting the chips fall where they may.



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