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The Moon is in Aquarius today.  I like Aquarius energy because of its progressiveness, inventiveness, and eccentricity.  The other thing I like about Aquarius is the ability to detach.  Retrograding Mercury is under the beams of the Sun.  Visually Mercury can not be seen with the naked eye because of its proximity to the Sun.  In a chart this could indicate things that are hidden, obscured, or secret. When putting mental Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, the lower vibration of Scorpio is fear.  We all have fears on a conscious and subconscious level.  While the Moon is in Aquarius, try to uncover these fears on both levels from a detached state.  What are you afraid of?  Why are you afraid of that?  How has this prevented you from moving forward?  Are these fears valid?  Thoughts and emotions control actions.  The Moon Mars sextile offers the energy of courage, confidence, and the drive to walk through the gates of hell and return a more skilled warrior.



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