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As week 2 of 2021 begins we find the Moon in Capricorn preparing herself for tomorrow's New Moon. New Moon is intention setting time which is why you should use the Mercury Jupiter conjunction to incorporate new information. Integrate the new information into your consciousness so you can begin a new understanding of life. When you're able to see the big picture, your horizons will expand as well. Do that today so you can set the right intentions for tomorrow. Mercury and Jupiter are in sextile with Chiron which helps release painful memories that you have been suppressing for years that still haunt your present. Acknowledge it happened, study the effects it had on you and the others around you. What was the big picture lesson you were supposed to learn? Did you learn it? Are you actively taking steps to grow from the situation? The Capricorn Moon brings our focus to finding our sense of self respect by having ambitious achievements we are capable of reaching. One of the first steps is understanding that your realm of thinking only holds so much knowledge, there is much more outside your understanding then is inside your realm.



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