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I have been Talking about tension, spats, and blockages we are being forced to deal with. Today Mercury opposes retrograding Uranus at 9 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for that degree "A dentist at work" speaks on the permanent social patterns and living imposed upon us. This process began before we are even able to make decisions for ourselves. You eat what you eat because someone else programmed your diet, you just went with it even if it's unhealthy. "Well this is how my family ate." The negative feelings you feel inside are usually you going against programmed thought. The blockages are not externally opposed by others, it's internal fear to go against programmed thought. Fear could be one of the most devastating emotions to have because it paralyzes you. I don't like flies, if I see one in the house I will obsessively try to kill it. While sitting outside, I watched as a fly crawled up a drinking straw laying on the ground. Halfway up I picked up the straw trapping the fly because the other end was already blocked. The fly got to the other end, turned around, came back down the straw then flew away. This fly had no clue his  life was in danger because he was in the hands of a fly killer. I spared his life because we were outside. If that fly knew fear he would not have explored the straw getting left over soda. The Mercury Uranus opposition can help uncover fearful limiting thoughts that have been programmed by others. To break the cycle it will take new unconventional ways of thinking. This will lead to radial actions. Only radical to those who try to hold you to their programming. "A coward dies 1000 deaths; A soldier only dies once!"- Tupac Shakur



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