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Dreamy Time

Hello Friday, how are you? “I’m doing great but on Venus’s day I am having thoughts on what I desire.” Well Friday you should be because of Venus’s movement out of Aquarius into a space she truly loves and is exalted, Pisces. When planets switch signs, we often feel the shift in the energy dynamics. Aquarius should feel a slight easing but there is still an energy build up in Aquarius with Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury still creating a stellium. We now have 2 stelliums to contend with being that Venus has joined the Sun and Neptune (Which is the higher octave and co-ruler of Pisces). This is a time for making and seeing dreams come true, if you have any. This is a time of heightened intuitive and psychic connections as well as having a sense of clarity. The shadow side of this energy is escapism into different realms with the help of your choice of party favors. All of these shifts are happening at the same time as the Virgo Full Moon. It’s crystal charging time, I’m personally putting my crystals out tonight because they say Full Moon on the 27th which begins at midnight. The exact degree wise of the Full Moon will be tonight just after midnight. I don’t want you to miss the window. The analytical Virgo Full Moon engaged with an air and water stellium is trying to bring out the best in you by merging your thoughts and feelings. Too bad it takes tension to push us to that space.



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