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What is astrology? A quick short answer is it is a big clock. If I had to boil it down to 2 words it would be energy and timing. After pulling up so many charts when people start throwing out years you start to remember sign placements for those years. Just imagine pulling up 20 charts of people born in between 88-91 you see they all have Saturn in Capricorn. People in between the ages of 28-30 are currently experiencing their Saturn return. What is that? It’s when Saturn returns to where it was located in your birth chart on the day you was born. We celebrate the suns return every year. We call it our birthday. It’s When the sun returns to where it was located the day you was born. The difference between your Sun birthday and Saturns birthday is it takes in between 28-30 years for you to have your Saturn birthday. I think the easiest way I have found to explain it to someone who has no clue about anything astrology related is to explain it as you reach a fork in a road and a decision has to be made. Is there a right road or wrong road? I really can’t answer that question, the answer is in the eye of the beholder. What I will say which ever road you choose you will be different coming out of this time period. Today’s ride of the day was right in the middle of this time period.

So what is his story? He just moved out here to Atlanta with his girlfriend. I was bringing him to work at a catering business. He was recently named the employee of the month. That’s great news so what is the problem with that? Nothing but just 4 months before being named employee of the month he was living in California getting robbed for 15 LB of weed. Would you say this is a fork in the road moment? I would! This guy has a decision to make the streets or the legit way. What is the universe trying to show him being named employee of the month? One other thing the girlfriend he moved to be with ended the relationship partly because of the street life stuff. A hell of a return to be facing.

Now lets bring this story to his birth chart. His mother and 1 sister are Cancer with another Scorpio sister and the girlfriend who broke it off with him is a Pisces. This guy is a double Aquarius (rising and moon sign) with a Capricorn sun. One other thing about his Capricorn he has 4 other planets with his sun in Capricorn. You have to remember signs are also assigned to houses. The first thing that stands out to me is Capricorn and cancer (mom and sister) are opposite signs of each other. There maybe a little tension there. Then the next thing I notice is all 5 planets are in the 12th house. Why is this significant? Pisces is represented by the 12th house and his ex girlfriend is a Pisces. I said hey man your moon sign is in the first house which Aries represents. He said that’s crazy I said why is that all my close friends are Aries. It’s not a surprise to me but I just said imagine that. I tell people to learn a energy we have to interact with it. His Saturn (life lesson) is in the Pisces house and his North Node is the Aries house. He will attract the type of energy we need to learn.

Lastly lets look at the timing part. Life goes in 12 year cycles and knowing someone’s age you can tell what area of the cycle they are in. It’s called Annual Profections the years follow the house numbers in order. Being 29 turning 30 in a few weeks this guy is currently at the end of his 6th house protection year. The 6th house ruled by Virgo represents health and daily routines. Let’s bring it back to his story on a daily basis he was doing the street life had a situation that really could have been bad to his health if the robbery turned out the wrong way. It has also made him question what he does on a daily basis. Being named employee of the month probably has him rethinking a few things. He has a stellium (a large concentration of energy) in the 12th house in Capricorn. The way out of a stellium is the opposite house and sign. The opposite sign would be Cancer (back to his mom and sister). The opposite house would be the 6th house back to daily routine and health. By the way the 12th house represents that which is hidden getting your money in the streets is hidden. I have met a lot of Cancer chefs. His daily routine is working at a catering business. With his birthday right around the corner he is moving into a 7th house year. The 7th house is all about relationships it doesn’t start exactly on your birthday you have a shadow period before and after. I think the recent break is a signal he has entered the shadow of his 7th house year. Good Luck to this brother on his journey!



P.S I forgot his Scorpio sister. His Pluto is in Scorpio in the 10th I didn’t get his father’s sign. He might not have known him which could point to his Pluto in the 10th issue. 10th house can be the father in the chart.

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